About Our Company

Yash Terminal and Logistics company (Nepal) Pvt. Ltd.


* To provide complete integration logistic solutions that is not only efficient but also reliable & affordable
* To gain confidence & trust of our valued clients by conducting business with complete honesty and integrity

Company Overview

Yash Terminal is amongst the global cargo service providers headquartered at Birgunj, Nepal.
We offer a broad portfolio of International and Domestic services including all cargo Handling; like Railways Transportation Services, Roadways Cargo Services, River & Sea Cargo Services, air freight logistics, Customs Clearance Services, Port Handling Services, Warehousing Services, etc. Our expertise also includes providing comprehensive and tailor-made solutions to meet the relocation needs of corporate and residential clients.

We have been known for delivering reliable cargo handling services. Our company has been credited for providing Freight Logistics services, hassle-free services for clearance of both export and import consignments at customs channels through Inland Container Depot located at Birgunj, Nepal. Kathmandu International Airport. Leveraging on the extensive logistics and communications network, our team can create cost-effective solutions tailored to meet your needs. We have made a strong repute for impeccable freight logistics services in India and the world, which is characterized by Timeliness, Flexibility, Swiftness, Safety and Reliability.

We have qualified and experienced team for Terminal operation and Management. We have also plan to start import of Industrial and terminal handling Equipments for Sales and leasing in domestic market. We are also going to start Warehouse construction and leasing business to provide all service in one stop.

To carry on anywhere in Nepal, India or abroad the business as shipping, agents, ship managers, ship repair, ship brokers, shippers, tug owners, trawler owners, boat and barge owners. lightmen, transporting and freight forwarding agents for land and waterways, port owners, warehousemen and ship stores merchants and to carry on anywhere in Nepal, India or abroad the business of Clearing and Forwarding Agents, Customs Clearing Agents, Shipping agency of foreign flag vessels and charter hire of foreign flag and Indian vessels and to undertake and carry on all or any of the trades and business of shippers, shipping agents, ship managers, stevedores, loading and unloading operation, customs clearing and forwarding job and any other allied activities.
To carry on anywhere in Nepal, India or abroad the business of building, assembling fitting, constructing, repairing, servicing and managing ships, other seagoing vessels and vessels for inland waterway of every kind and description whether operated by fuel or otherwise and to buy or otherwise and to buy or otherwise acquire ships, other seagoing vessels and vessels for inland waterways of every kind and description whether finished or unfinished for finishing, repairing or improving the same and reselling or using for carriage of passengers or cargo by chartering the same or otherwise operating the services by the Company itself.

We always welcome to any interested logistics group for Joint venture or association with US.