About Our Company

Shree Ganesh Savings & Credit cooperative Ltd.

SGCSCL started operations in January 2008. SGCSCL was incorporated with the objective of extending international standard modern banking services to various sectors of the society. Pursuing its objective, SGCSCL provides a full range of commercial banking services in Parsa district.

The financial institution provides loans in all segments and deposits to various SME and retail clients. The financial institution has also been active in Micro Finance Initiatives to reach the poor people and also cater to a village.

SGCSCL, as a pioneer in introducing many innovative products and marketing concept in the domestic banking sector, represents a milestone in the banking history of Birgunj as it started an era of modern banking with customer satisfaction measured as a focal objective while doing business. Operations of the bank including day-to-day operations and risk management are managed by highly qualified and experienced management team. Bank is fully equipped with modern technology which includes modern software, Internet banking system and Telebanking system.