About Our Company

Global Petrochem & Minerals

Yash Group has grown from strength to strength over the years. We have been expanding and diversifying rapidly and today the group comprises Eight units including "Global Petrochem & Minerals" for various chemicals and diversified sector . We are the largest chemical company in Nepal having complete vertical integration and unique product properties.
We are catering chemicals as a Exclusive super distributor of Branded Multinational companies. We are Specialized in Pvc pipes, All types of Plastics and footwear industries.

Our product range consists of Pvc Heat stabilizers, Plasticizers, Polymer additives, PVC Resin, Eva resin, precipitated chemicals and functional fillers, both synthetic and naturally occurring processed minerals including Precipitated Silica, Hydrated Calcium Silicate, Aluminium Silicate, Zinc Stearate, Calcium Stearate, Calcium Sulphate, Zinc-oxide active/transparent, Levigated / Surface treated China Clays, Micronized Calcite, Dolomite, Talc etc. which find a variety of applications in industries such as Plastics, rubber / other polymers, paints & coatings, insecticides / pesticides, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, Solvents and numerous other industries.

Quality of our products is defined as it is perceived by our customers. The major factor behind our success is our market driven approach and our uncompromising attitude with respect to quality. We have well-defined and stringent Quality Assurance Systems wherein all employees of Yash Group are responsible for quality, both of the product and the services.
To further exploit our core competencies and compete in the global market, we have laid great emphasis on Research, Improvement and Innovation. Our R & D Division equipped with the most sophisticated labs and testing equipments, carries out intensive research on subjects like precipitation, surface treatment and activation and has developed some of the most advanced technologies world over.

We have an extensive marketing network with branch offices at Kathmandu and marketing associates in almost all industrial cities in Nepal. Our sales and technical services personnel visit customers regularly to provide before and after sales services. The import have been increasing sharply from the globe, mainly from Middle East, South East Asia , Europe, America and Canada.