Corporate Social Responsibility



The TEMANI Foundation has been started in the loving memory of Late Smt Ramki Devi, Late Smt Sita Devi & Late Shri Bhagwati Prasad Temani. This foundation tends to work towards the corporate social responsibilities that needs to be given uttermost importance.

The various objectives under taken by the foundation are:

Women Empowerment:
All human beings are equal and have the same capabilities whether it be male or female. an introduction to the self employment methods to rural sectors specially promoting cottage industries and literacy. this will not only make them financially independent but also will tend to reduce the burden on the working member of the family.

Project MUSKAAN:
This project is a solution to the various issues faced by the student of government school. such as * It creates Health awareness among poor students. * It promotes education habit among the students of government schools. * It promotes sports culture among the students. * To develop the competitiveness amongst the students.

Main Aur Mera Birgunj:
Main aur Mera Birgunj is a Book which was recently released under the Temani Foundation in Birgunj, the book is a window into life of Birgunj written by Shri Ashok Temani. The launch of the book was done in Birgunj at Hotel Makalu.

We are open to develop various other social activities in partnership with other NGOs and INGO such as:
* Installation of Hand pumps in rural sector.
* Construction of Toilets in rural sector.
* Mobile Dispensary.
* Rehabilitation of physically handicapped persons.
* Farmers Education and vocational Trainings etc.